Lewis and Clark Whites

Authentic and of the Period

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With quotes from the Letters and Journals

of Lewis and Clark

"The blue beads occupy the place which gold has with us.

White beads may be considered as our silver."

(p. 529, Letters of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

2nd ed., Donald Jackson, U. of Ill. Press.)

"The orniments of each Sects are Similar. Such as large

blue & white beeds, either pendant from their ears or

encircling their necks, or wrists & arms."

(p. 259. The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Gary E. Moulton, Editor   (Published by the U. of Neb. Press.)

"1. Blue beads. This is a coarse cheap bead imported from

China, & costing in England 13d. the lbs. in strands.

It is far more valued than the white beads of the

same manufacture and answers all the purposes of money,

being counted by the fathom."

(p. 74 of The Letters with our emphasising of the same manufacture.)

This bead is well established as the second most   important bead that Lewis and Clark carried.  

Bead Grades / Information / Suggested Retail Pricing

 These Antique Beads are Authentic and of the Period

Primary Period of Use: Mid 1500's to Mid 1800's

Origin: China

Construction: Reed Wound

Authentication: Lewis and Clark's Original Journals / Museums

Size of Beads: 2. 5 to 4. 5 Carats

Grade                  Description Catalog # Price per Carat  
Grade 1
Part of bead with or without hole
Grade 2
Bead with crack full length of hole
Grade 3
Full bead with large chip or many small chips
Grade 4
Decent body with few medium chips or heavily pitted surface
Grade 5
Decent body with a large pit or two and a few small flakes, black specks and dull surface
Grade 6
Nice body, some glossy surface; few small pits or slight flecks; or dull surface with a pit or two
Grade 7
Very nice body and surface; very few flecks or tiny dark pits; or dull surface with no pits or flecks
Grade 8
Very nice body, little wear, only a couple tiny flecks or dark spots
Grade 9
Very nice body; nearly new-looking surface; no notable dark specks (Investment Grade)
Grade 10
Like new bead

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